Fight Promotion: Media design – Showcase.

Here’s an example (view PDF above) from one of our MA (MA Communication, Media Practice and PR) student’s Daniel Huxtable. Part of the assessment for the module MS-M09 Visual Communication and Media Design is to design and create a set of media examples for a given brief. Students have the choice to follow a fully set out design brief as if a client had provided it – or, they can follow their own creative ideas and write the brief themselves. Daniel’s work here includes setting out formal brand guidelines, something most companies and enterprises should do in order to keep their communication ‘on brand’ with consistent colour and typographic treatment and use of supporting imagery.

Emulated examples of print media

The topic of this example is in fact Daniel’s own business Fightwear Store and this exercise afforded him time to contemplate, research and come up with a workable set of media example designs, for traditional print media, desktop and mobile web designs, and social media adverts.

Another part of the module’s assessment is an academic essay where student’s research design principles which hopefully reinforce their skills in communicating with image and text.

Thanks Daniel for sharing your work.