Reasons to be cheerful

As we emerge from lockdown, all of us will need to make adjustments as to how we live our lives, at least in the short term. Meanwhile, Swansea University is planning for the new academic year with the safety and wellbeing of students and staff as the top priority

There have been a number of news articles in various outlets lately where prospective students express their concerns about what the first part of their degree experiences might look like. It’s no surprise to those of us who study journalism that very few of these articles outline any of the positives associated with enrolling at University this year. Bad news, we know, is more compelling for audiences than good news. At the time of writing, and subject to the continued emergence from lockdown, there are many reasons to remain cheerful and optimistic about the Swansea year ahead, so here are some of the things that WON’T be changing:

Swansea is still Swansea

The city hasn’t changed. It’s still a diverse, vibrant seaside community that is still only a short distance from some beautiful countryside and coastline. The city is still geared for student life, and the shops, bars, restaurants and clubs that have been closed for weeks are now starting to reopen and are keen to have your custom. True, you might not be able to stand very close to your fellow students for a while as you get to know them, but the city will still be the backdrop against which you will make friends that you’ll keep for the rest of your life.

City by the sea…

The University is still the University

We still have two campuses almost on the beach. Many campus facilities will be open, both social and academic. The libraries will be ready for you to access thousands of books, articles, databases and archives. Information experts will still be there to help you navigate your way around these resources, and specialists will still be there to help you master your academic skills. You’ll still be assigned a lecturer as your academic mentor for the duration of your time at Swansea who will help you settle in and manage your studies across the whole of your degree.

Singleton library

Knowledge is still knowledge

You chose your course and university so that you will become specialists in your particular subject area. You will still receive all that knowledge and wisdom, and during lockdown, both staff and students have discovered that there are new, effective and enjoyable ways to absorb knowledge and ideas. Technology will not replace traditional methods of teaching but will just add another dimension to your learning experience.

This will become a familiar sight as you travel up the main driveway onto campus

The lecturers are still the lecturers

While there may be some restrictions on how and under what circumstances we all interact with each other, those teaching you haven’t changed. They are still engaged in ground-breaking research that they’ll share with you in your lectures. They still have extensive experience in PR, journalism, film, media production, design and understanding how we live in the digital world. They’ll still be able to talk to you about your ideas and assignments, guide and supervise your projects and dissertations, and advise and mentor you towards an interesting and fulfilling career.

Your degree is still your degree

Media and Communications degrees from Swansea have serious currency. We have been rated the top Media and Communications department in the UK for employability, which means that your CV will land on the desk of a prospective employer with a heavier thud than those competing for the same job. Our graduates go on to exciting and interesting careers across the world and with that degree certificate from Swansea, you’ll be joining a long list of successful alumni.

An exciting career awaits !

We’re looking forward to welcoming you in September, and to helping you all settle in for a great few years with us. Don’t forget to visit our main web page here