Mathurin’s coffee and study guide

As we all turn our minds back to our studies, media student Mathurin Aron has put together this useful guide to places in and around Swansea that are ideal for studying…

Psychological studies have shown that changing scenery is a great way to improve your mood, motivation and learning. As a media and communication undergraduate student, I have found this to be true! So here are my recommendations of new and current students places in Swansea which are great to read or study in…

Basekamp (Kings Lan, Swansea SA1 2AQ)

Located in the cute narrow alley of Kings Lane, this Internet-friendly café has a large variety of drinks (the seasonal ones are exquisite – e.g the orange hot choc). There are plenty of individual seats, and tables for you to socialise. The laptop facilities (sockets) are an additional plus.

Waterstones (Café) (The Carlton Cinema, The Old, 17 Oxford St, Swansea SA13AG)

Despite the expensive price for coffee, this quiet, cozy place with comfortable sofas, is great for a read. The coffee tastes great and there is a large selection of cakes.

JCs (Swansea University, Fulton House, Sketty, Swansea SA2 8PP)

It was inevitable for me to not mention the student bar. With an excellent vibe and cozy sofas, this is THE place to study. The sockets are great if you need to charge your mobile devices as well.

Law Library (University, Singleton Park, Sketty, Swansea SA2 8PP)

The Law Library at the West Wing of Singleton Library is also an excellent environment to study as it is a ‘quiet-only’ place.

Founders and Co (24 Wind St, Swansea SA1 1DY)

Founders and Co on Wind Street is also a great place to study or read. If you are a bit of an introvert, the QR code helps. You can just order from where you sit. The many choices of milk, for example, allows everyone to have their say. If you have to charge your phone, there are plenty of sockets, and if you require internet, there is free wifi.

Callaghans on Campus

The last place I wanted to mention was Callaghan. Its coffee helps homelessness. Plus there’s a good vibe !