First impressions via First year TikToks !

Our incoming first year students made these videos reflecting on their first few days on campus. Our first impressions of you are that you are all brilliant !

First, the winning entry by Jess, Mae, Róisín, Katie and Thomas – great stuff folks ! 🙂

Emilia, Aimée, John, Dominique, and Toby made this one
Candice and the gang produced this one
Yasmin Light and her colleagues did this one
Kaira, Sarann, Ash and Ellis did this one
This was was produced Grace Hussain and her group !
Tallulah and her team did this one
This is the contribution from Livy Young and her team !
Yasmin Santiago and the gang produced this one !
Lowri Phillips and the team did this one !
Mylo’s group did this one