Swansea Media goes to Grenoble

Colleagues from our team visited Université Grenoble Alpes at the end of June 2023 to develop some collaborative opportunities…

The delegation, comprising scholars from various disciplines such as business, management, engineering, media, politics and international relations took part in a two-day workshop with colleagues from UGA. The theme of the conference, “Vulnerable Communities & Resilience Approaches” shows the ambition of the two universities in tackling global challenges and exploring new avenues for risk governance via research collaboration and innovation.

Prof Sian Rees, Dr Sarah Williams and Dr Yan Wu presented their work at the conference

Professor Sian Rees, Head of the School of Culture and Communication, presented her latest research on evaluating territorial resources for resilience building, taking a cultural studies approach.

Dr. Yan Wu and Dr. Sarah Williams presented their work on behalf of the research team. Their research into frugal innovation and digital inclusivity explores new approach in addressing the challenges of digital inequality faced by vulnerable communities.

The two days were filled with passionate discussions and collaborative brainstorming. From the Welsh coast to the French Alps, it’s clear that there is a shared sense of responsible research that aims to tackle global challenges and make a positive impact on the world through technological innovation and research collaboration.